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Curator’s Workshop Volunteer

Exhibits and Collections
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Coordinator of Volunteer Resources

Volunteer Curator - Any day, must commit to at least a 2 hour shift

Position Summary: 

Curator’s Workshop is a unique programing space that has been fashioned to look like a turn of the century naturalist’s office.  The space contains both pieces from the Museum’s historic natural history collection (which can be viewed by volunteers and the public), as well as hands-on educational specimens (which can be handled by both volunteers and the public).

Volunteer Curators help run set programs within this space as well as answer visitor questions about the natural history specimens on display.  For those Volunteer Curators who would like an extra challenge, you may sign up to assist with collections cataloging and learn the techniques professional Museum curators use to study and care for their natural history collections.


• Must be conscientious and careful, some of the pieces you will be working around are over 150 years old
• Must like talking with Museum visitors, and must patiently answer visitor questions and act as an appropriate ambassador to the Museum


• All Volunteer Curator’s must undergo collections management training and programs training (2 hours)
• Must be willing to talk with the public and answer questions


Download the Volunteer Application

Mail or e-mail the completed Volunteer Application to:

Coordinator of Volunteer Resources
222 Harrington Way
Worcester, MA 01604