Planetary Playdough | EcoTarium

Planetary Playdough

Make sure you work with an adult.


  • 5 Cups planetary dust (flour)
  • 1 Cup NaCl (salt)
  • 4 Packages cosmic coloring (dry, unsweetened Kool-Aid)
  • 4 Cups boiling H2O (water)
  • 6 Tablespoons triglycerides (vegetable oil)


Mix dry ingredients together in a bowl. Have an adult mix the liquids together and pour them over the dry ingredients. Stir until a ball forms (be patient, it takes awhile!). It will get less sticky as it cools. Once at room temperature, knead until smooth. Store in zip lock bag until ready to use.

Adapted from Worlds in Comparison. 2006 Astronomy from the Ground Up