Light-up Wrist Cuff #1 | EcoTarium

Light-up Wrist Cuff #1


1. Open your electronic snack bag: you will have a strip of plastic canvas, a lacing, an LED, a 3v coin battery, some conductive thread, some Velcro, and 4 plastic beads. 

2. Bend the strip of plastic canvas in half, and insert both ends of the lacing across the fold. This begins to form the pouch for the battery. Lace about three holes down the side, pulling the lace tight.

Then check your LED bulb with the battery...LED's have polarity, so if the bulb doesn't light up, flip the bulb around and try again. 

3.  Put the battery in the pouch you began to form in step 2, and set the bulb on top. 

Lace up the sides, pulling tight, until you’ve laced six spaces.

4. Work the two laces through to the middle and tie them off with a square knot, first making sure that all laces are tight.

5. Try the cuff against your wrist for length. Figure out where the Velcro should go, and trim the cuff if necessary.

6. Pull one end of the lace through to the other side of the cuff, threading in two of the beads for decoration. Use the last two beads with an overhand knot to tie off the laces. 

And you're done!