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Red-Fronted Macaw

Red-Fronted Macaw

At the EcoTarium

The EcoTarium is home to Racket, a male Red-Fronted Macaw. Racket, who lives up to his name, lives on the museum’s middle level. If you look in his enclosure you’ll see a variety of store-bought and homemade toys to keep him healthy, curious, and active.

About Macaws

Macaws are native to the humid, riparian (nearby or containing rivers) forests of South America. In the wild, they prefer near constant temperatures and humidity levels, and live high up in the trees. Macaws keep strict routines, leaving their roosts to search for food at dawn and returning at twilight each day. They eat nuts, seeds, fruit, flowers and leaves.  Macaws use their thick beaks to crush and crack open nuts— and also to help them climb.

Macaws are very noisy and active during the day. They are social birds and prefer to live in small flocks of mating pairs and offspring.  Mating pairs often feed and preen each other to bond and help each other clean by reaching difficult-to-reach spots.

Our keepers work with Racket multiple times a day, capitalizing on his social nature to teach him to participate in his own care and show visitors his newest skills.