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Science + You

Equals fun and learning for everyone!
Saturday, January 27, 2018 to Sunday, May 6, 2018

Designed as a real-life -- but child-sized -- laboratory,  Science + You allows children to explore how scientists impact health and wellness.  Through interactive machinery, processes and technology, Science + You opens a window into the world of the research scientist and, through fun activities, shows how science keeps our bodies healthy. 

So, put on your lab coat and join us for a fascinating, hands-on journey through the laboratory:

  • Try out the sealed glove box and see how you can handle laboratory equipment and measure substances wearing super thick protective gloves
  • Mix and separate liquids and solids using special machines just like ones in real labs
  • Get a real up-close look at a variety of natural and man-made items through specialized Wentzscope and video microscopes
  • Solve the healthy lifestyle puzzle, and learn about the importance of nutrition, exercise and rest
  • Have fun cooking up a "healthy soup" in the test kitchen
  • And more!

Take the Science + You experience with you!

Click here for classroom and at-home activities, games, and resources to extend the learning opportunities of Science + You.

Science + You was created by Kohl Children's Museum of Greater Chicago, and is presented in conjunction with scientists at AbbVie, the global biopharmaceutical company.  Science + You is sponsored locally by: