The hunt for dinosaurs begins here!

Discover what was happening in your backyard -- and who was there -- during the Jurassic period! 

Walk over prehistoric footprints, hear and feel dinosaur footsteps, and finally come face-to-face with some of the dinosaurs that made them.  Engage your inner paleontologist and uncover clues about dinosaur behavior -- and the dinosaurs themselves --  from the fossil footprints they left behind right here in New England. 

DinoTracks, which is presented in English, Spanish, and French, includes three life-size dinosaurs  (Dilophosaurus, Coelophysis, and Stegosaurus), as well as the following hands-on exploratory activities:

  • Walk over life-sized dinosaur prints and touch a real footprint found in a Holyoke, Massachusetts backyard
  • Discover how to “read” the stories in fossil tracks
  • Put together a dinosaur puzzle. Can you keep it balanced over its feet?  
  • And more!

DinoTracks was produced by the Environmental Exhibit Collaborative, a group of mid-sized natural science and children’s museums organized by the EcoTarium. It is made possible by grants from Jane’s Trust and the Cabot Family Charitable Trust.