Forces of Nature

Closer than you'd ever want to be!

Witness the awesome power and destruction of explosive volcanoes, ground-buckling earthquakes, and deadly tornadoes as you head into the field with scientists who risk their lives exploring the origins and behaviors of these fearsome natural disasters. Venture to the brink of an erupting volcano on the Caribbean island of Montserrat. Travel the Midwest's infamous "Tornado Alley" with storm-chasers racing to unlock the secrets of monster twisters. Discover how the history of city-leveling earthquakes in Turkey is helping scientists predict where and when the next quake will strike. It's a spectacular, up-close glimpse of the Earth's most destructive forces! Narrated by Kevin Bacon.

Ages 6 to adult
Run Time: 
40 minutes
Produced by National Geographic and Graphic Films, Inc. Transformed for full-dome by Sky-Skan, Inc.