Help Us Build Wild Cat Station!

Mountain lions are coming to the EcoTarium in 2018 in an exhibit called Wild Cat Station!

When designing Wild Cat Station, we incorporated a spacious plaza that will become a new platform for educational programs at the museum. The plaza will allow us to accommodate larger school groups, in higher frequency, than is currently possible. Considering we served 556 school groups last year and provided the opportunity for every single 6th grade public school class in Worcester to visit, it is no wonder we need additional space! Our animal ambassadors, including the new arrival which will live in Wild Cat Station, help us fulfill our mission to inspire a passion for science and nature. While at the museum, our animal ambassadors:

  • Participate in hands-on learning experiences for local youth that visit the museum through school field trips, summer camps, or community programs.
  • Help museum guests understand how to make a positive impact on the environment. We welcomed a record number of guests last year – more than 167,000!
  • Contribute to valuable training for dozens of veterinary and biology students at the university and high school levels.

Many of our animal ambassadors are at the museum due to injury, illness, imprinting, or other issues which would make it impossible for them to live in the wild. Enclosures such as those in Wild Cat Station are specially designed to meet the natural needs of the species as well as to accommodate any physical limitations of the individual animal.

We cannot wait to see the impact that our new arrival will make in 2018. Now, we are asking you to help us continue our important educational programming by making a donation to the EcoTarium today.

Thank you for your support!

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