Light-up Wrist Cuff #2 | EcoTarium

Light-up Wrist Cuff #2


We're going to place an LED on a plastic canvas wristband, coil the two LED wires into fat circles, and sew a line of conductive thread from each wire to make battery contact patches on either end of the cuff. We'll use the plastic lace to outline the contact patches (to help hold the battery in) and to add decorative beads to the cuff. The cuff is held together with Velcro.


1. Open your electronic snack bag: you will have a strip of plastic canvas, a lacing, an LED, a 3v coin battery, some conductive thread, some Velcro, and 4 plastic beads.

2. Take out the wristband and try it for size around your wrist. You want the band to overlap by 11 squares. Trim the band if necessary. Curl up the band and figure out where you want the LED bulb. 

3.  We’re going to figure out where the battery contact patches will go, and, leaving a blank row all the way around, mark a 5 hole by 5 hole square on both ends.  Both the contact patches and the Velcro will be on opposite sides of the cuff.  On the side OPPOSITE the LED (which we’ll call the WRONG side), the Velcro will be on the end, and the contact patch 7 rows in from the end.  On the side WITH the LED (which we’ll call the RIGHT side), the contact patch will be on the end, leaving one row for the lacing, and the Velcro will be 7 rows in.  The illustrations below show the marked out squares.

4.  Using pliers, bend the poles of the LED into large circles on the WRONG side of the cuff.

5. Thread a tapestry needle with one of the conductive threads, and tie the thread to one pole of the LED.  Trim, and ask one of the helpers to add a drop of clear nail polish to prevent fraying. Weave the thread through the wristband to the marked spot for the contact patch.  Weave a square, crossing in the middle several times, and tie off the thread.  Repeat on the other side. REMEMBER that one of the contact patches goes on the RIGHT or LED side and one on the WRONG side of the cuff.    

 6. Once you have both contact patches woven, you are ready to weave the lacing around the contact patches to make a holder for the battery.  Continue lacing down the sides, using two beads for decoration and two to finish off the lacing with an overhand knot.

7.  You’re almost done!  Place the Velcro, and try on the cuff.  Slip the battery in between the contact patches…if the bulb doesn’t light, flip the battery over: LEDs are polarized and only work one way. 


That’s it!  You’re done! If you think of other cool things to add, email pictures to us ( and we’ll add them to our Facebook page!