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About Us

Our Mission

To inspire a passion for science and nature.

Our History

EcoTarium is well rooted in the Worcester community as an organization dedicated to the study of science and nature. The private, non-profit institution was founded in 1825 as the Worcester Lyceum of Natural History and was incorporated in 1884 as the Worcester Natural History Society — EcoTarium's legal identity. Our transition from the New England Science Center to the EcoTarium in 1998 refocused the museum on its roots in the natural sciences with a focus on hands-on exploration and discovery. The name change accompanied a major capital development program that has transformed the building and grounds into an accessible learning and discovery center for families.

While the name, facility, exhibits and technology have changed, much of the museum's work today continues to reflect the ideologies and practices adopted more than 100 years ago. View the EcoTarium timeline.

Our Future

In the late 1990s, EcoTarium expansion projects opened previously unseen corners of the museum and grounds to our visitors. Today, the museum has turned its focus to investing in new exhibits inside the museum building, exhibits that bring the wonder of science and nature to life inside the building.

EcoTarium is on the forefront of bringing science and nature education to schoolchildren in grades K-12. Each year, the museum serves thousands of schoolchildren from across the region and strives to provide unique and exciting avenues to explore science and nature inside the classroom and out.

Annual Report

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Strategic Plan 2016-2020

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